Preparation of a patient to use medicinal leeches

Before applying a medicinal leech, it is very important to determine if such use of medicinal leeches is suitable for a patient. We must distinguish between a new patient and an experienced one, because a new patient using medicinal leeches has never been acquainted with the application of medicinal leeches and has no experience, and an experienced patient that has already taken the therapy, has gained a personal experience.

When we have a new patient, we should get maximum information about his health condition. We will need to find out about all his actual and previous health problems and we will need the results of blood tests. It is always useful to know the patient’s blood analysis. Blood sampling should be recently done, advisably 2-3 months before starting the hirudotherapy. If we do not have the blood test confirmation, we offer the patient to consult on the use of medicinal leeches with his or her doctor.

If we have a patient experienced in the medicinal leech application, first of all, we need to know all the details on how his body responded to the treatment, and if his or her health condition has changed after the latest application in any significant way.

In general, specific facts worth mentioning include the contradiction to apply medicinal leeches if a patient has poor blood clotting or serious blood diseases. Furthermore, it is ill-advised in case of cancer, during pregnancy, and when a patient’s body is intoxicated with alcohol or other drugs, or in case of individual intolerance of leeches. I always recommend having a consultation before using medicinal leeches where either a physician or a hirudotherapy practitioner rechecks your health condition to verify if the use of medicinal leeches to treat the problem is appropriate. It is important to note that a disease or health problems we want to treat using the medicinal leeches are not the main indicators of whether leeches are suitable or not. We consider complex health condition of a person as a primary indicator and that is why great attention should be paid to it.