Preparation of a patient to use medicinal leeches

If we come to the conclusion that the medicinal leech application is suitable for a patient, we should choose the following procedure. The next day it is necessary to make sure that the patient has enough time to complete the entire procedure, ideally if he/she has 2 hours available. We also need to make sure that a patient is in good mental and physical condition. If the patient shows the signs of general weakness, breathing problems or other visible health problems, for example, he got distressed; we should cancel the procedure of using medicinal leeches. In such a case, the use of medicinal leeches should be implemented under medical supervision or by an experienced practitioner.

A patient before applying the medicinal leeches should wash him/herself using clean water only. The patient is not supposed to use any shampoos, perfumes or deodorants. Medical leeches are very sensitive to any smells. All means that are commonly used to cleanse the skin can hinder the process. A patient must not smoke or stay in a smoking pace, as leeches hate the smell of cigarettes. A smoker must fully restrain from smoking on the day of treatment, and a non-smoker should avoid smoking areas. A patient should also abstain from alcohol or other intoxicants.

Before application one shall instruct a patient on the entire procedure. If we have a patient who has already got personal experience with medicinal leeches, it is enough to specify, whether the patient is ready for the procedure, after which we shall proceed with the leech application. If we have a new patient, we need to explain the whole process step by step from the beginning to the end.

In the beginning, we shall explain to our patient what procedure we have chosen for him and specify if we apply leeches for the first time or repeatedly. We shall ask a patient if he or she agrees with the suggested therapy. If the answer is yes, we shall explain all the subsequent steps in detail that describe the places where we’ll apply leeches and how the leech will suck in.