Preparation of a patient to use medicinal leeches

To conclude I would also like to recommend you keeping record on the use of medicinal leeches. And it doesn’t matter who undergoes this therapy: you, your family member or another patient. It is necessary to make a record each time you apply medicinal leeches, i.e., it is necessary to record the date of application, information on health condition, and also the spot/part where you apply a leech. After application, one should jot down some information on the reactions to the use of medicinal leeches: what a patient felt physically and mentally, and whether any changes occurred. Afterwards, one is supposed to note the upcoming procedure to be carried out. These data provide us with the general overview of the therapy and when repeating the procedure, we will have a basis and indication of how to apply the hirudotherapy to a particular patient.

Before using medicinal leeches we recommend to take a new blood test or other tests if you have any health problems. These tests may determine the level of problems in the body. 2 or 3 months after the end of the therapy it is recommended to repeat all the tests, so we can see all the changes. Once you compare the results, you will get real objective evidence whether the treatment with medicinal leeches proved effective.