Preparation of a workplace or what we need to apply medicinal leeches

Before you start, it is very important to prepare a workplace and all necessary aids when using medicinal leeches.

The workplace must be clean. There is no need for special hygienic conditions or complete sterility. It is enough to clean the area to get rid of dust and dirt to make sure that the aid you will be working with does not get dirty.

Aid: A container to store the leeches intended for use. This container should have a lid to prevent leeches from escaping. Every time when pulling out the leech from the container, the kit should be carefully closed. We may put 2-3 leeches more than we intend to use, because not every leech wants to stick immediately. If the leech does not want to suck in, after a while we simply change it for another. This matter is discussed in another chapter on the use of medicinal leeches.

The second aid you are going to need is surgical gloves without powder. It is better to prepare several pairs of surgical gloves. You may take leeches with bare hands if you are not afraid of them, or with surgical gloves without powder. In any case, surgical gloves are needed when they begin to drop off the wound and blood begins to flow. Then the repeated use of surgical gloves is necessary because leeches will be released at different intervals, and it is possible there will be a lot blood flowing.