Preparation of a workplace or what we need to apply medicinal leeches

Further we are going to need a container to put there a leech that will fall off. We must not forget the towels. When applied to a patient’s body the leech releases fluid from its body which looks like a watery mucus, and it is better to clean it with a towel. We also need a hand towel for frequent use. That is why it is better to use paper towels which we can throw easily away once used. You need to have prepared alcohol, liquor, or vodka in a closed bottle. The alcohol is needed in the case we need to remove the leech earlier than it lets go. A separate chapter dwells on details of the medicinal leech application. We will further need some necessary tools for application. We can either use a glass, truncated injection syringe or a tube, or we will put a leech directly from a teaspoon.

A place for a patient where he or she would feel comfortable to sit down or lie down should be settled, since the application may last for two hours. Usually it lasts from 45 minutes to 2 hours, so you need to think about that. If a patient, for example, has a bigger size, he/she will feel bad to lie on a table for so long. It is better if he or she sits on a chair, facing the back with his/her abdomen, so that he/she has support that will make him/her feel more comfortable. Therefore, before the procedure, we think of the position to choose for a patient considering each case separately. We press some pad under the spot where we apply a leech. There are cases when the leech falls off earlier than expected, but we do not always notice this at once. In this case the leech can fall to the floor and stain it, and the massage table will be stained with streaming blood from the wound. To prevent this, we need to cover the floor and the place where the patient lies down or sits. You can use waterproof fabric for single use to cover the area. Such overlays are used by the massage therapists. You can also use a plastic wrap. After applying, the pad is to be disposed of. The last important thing to mention is the dressings. It is of primary importance to use a sterile gauze compress. Whenever a leech goes down, it is necessary to put gauze on the wound immediately. The gauze will absorb blood up to that time when we make the final bandaging of the wound.