Wound dressing after application of medicinal leeches

Final wound dressing: After all the leeches fall off, we will remove all temporary swabs and do the final wound dressing. Wounds are not to be disinfected or cleaned, because it may lead to the opposite effect. Disinfection of wounds could prevent the therapeutic effect provoked with the leech saliva, which was injected into the wound after the bite and blood sucking. It is not necessary to do anything with a wound for the next 24 hours.

The procedure of final wound dressing: if you choose sterile material for the first layer, we will first apply a sterile compress, and later a non-sterile compress in a thicker layer. We can use a sanitary napkin that has good absorbent properties, and also napkins, incontinence pads and diapers. A diaper is not to be put on a wound in its full size; rather you should cut the desired shape and size depending on the specific location that is going to be processed. The advantage of a sanitary napkin is in its ability to cover a large area. We put the first layer of the compress, a pad or a diaper, and fix it. A plaster or elastic bandage or a bandage can be used for fixing, as well as a clingfilm as the final layer.