Wound dressing after application of medicinal leeches

Plaster leaves adhesive traces that are difficult to remove from the skin. When repeating the treatment 2 – 3 times a week, large traces of glue remain. Because of that, I recommend using elastic gauze bandages, gauze dressings for the legs, arms, and head. Cut a gauze bandage of sufficient length, stretch it as stockings and put it on the first layer of the material that was already applied. If you doubt this won’t be enough, you can also use a plastic food wrap. You are not supposed to wrap it too tightly to avoid damaging the blood circulation, which could lead to excessive swelling and pain. A plastic wrap and a bandage can be used on a patient’s body. Then you have to use a classic elastic bandage, not a mesh bandage. Bandage is wrapped around the body, but firstly one should make the first layer, i.e., put a compress, a pad or a diaper. It is necessary to fix all the layers to prevent them from moving. Then you can even wrap it with a cling film which I am particularly pleased to use, as it works well, when a severe bleeding after the leech application occurs, which is impossible to predict. When first applying the leeches you do not know how the wound will react. Even after a repeated use, the amount of bleeding can be intensive. Also, if we do not use a sufficient number and appropriate size of a dressing material, it sometimes happens that it is quickly soaked with blood. In all these cases a cling film is good to be used judging from personal experience. It is easy to remove by cutting, and most importantly there will be no traces of glue on a patient’s skin. It is a very good method to treat the wounds, but the only problem is that it cannot be wrapped too tight around the body, because the film is gas proof and a patient starts sweating in those places; one should neither leave it for more than 24 hours.

The next day the wound should already heal after removing the gauze material. Let me remind that you cannot always wait with re-dressing the wound until the next day. If the bandages are soaked with blood and it is collected under the film, of course it is necessary to make a dressing earlier. One needs to instruct the patient on how to use a gauze material, where to buy it and how to act during the wound dressing. If one used a proper amount of a dressing material, as a rule, it can be removed and changed in the desired quantity on the next day.