Counseling before and after the application of medicinal leeches

Why have you decided to use leeches? Have you found about them on the Internet or just heard about their value?
You can make sure that bloodletting will be planned correctly thanks to our offers of personal consultations by phone, e-mail, or via Skype. We will help you to get maximum effect from leeches. Take this opportunity to consult with an experienced hirudotherapy practitioner who will advise a suitable method for you.
There are times when a patient’s body responds to the applying of leeches in different ways, and sometimes some reactions look like an infection or allergic reaction. Owing to this, many patients refuse to apply leeches after the first session and lose an opportunity to be treated effectively.
Our hirudotherapy physician will consult all possible upcoming situations with you and prepare you for various types of the so-called positive reactions of applying, which are erroneously considered to be negative.

Even when ordering services, it is good to have prepared data about the problems you want to solve with the help of leeches.

You need to prepare a brief description about them. If the problems are seen visually, take pictures of the affected area.

The price of our consultation is € 35. Time duration is 30 minutes. The price includes all subsequent consultations after applying the leeches, and the e-book about treatment with leeches at the cost of € 17.90.

It is always better to be well prepared.