About us

In 2011 a civic association appeared in Slovakia that aims at promoting hirudotherapy and heat therapy (the so-called Russian sauna) and the traditional art of Wing Chun.

Civic Association in Slovakia includes more than 50 members from various Slovak cities. We regularly organize therapeutic seminars on traditional medicine school of Wing Chun Kuen Pai. To view the video gallery, please click here: video .

Who is behind the Hirudoterapia.sk Project?

Miroslav Kasan

The Project Manager, Chairman of the Civic Association, a certified Practitioner and Hirudo Therapist, Massage Therapist, Instructor of the Traditional School of Wing Chun Kuen Phai.

About me: I was born in 1979 and up to this day I can tell about my life that it has been an interesting journey towards knowledge acquirement. Thanks to my years-long work in tourism I was able to get acquainted with the western and eastern cultures and meet interesting people. I’ve traveled half the world in order to learn and understand where my place is. My place is exactly where I was born. I went out into the world as a simple man without any experience and it took me long 13 years to acquire the experience that I’ve got now, and yet I constantly continue to develop myself and learn. Ever since I came back to Slovakia, I have been engaged in training and transferring of my knowledge according to the Traditional School of Wing Chun Kuen Pai. I have dedicated my life to the development of the Traditional School of Wing Chun Kuen Pai and I am its faithful follower.

I believe that we will manage to build a sanative and training center for health and traditional medicine in a few years.

My specialty:

– Treatment with medicinal leeches
– Medical massages
– Thermotherapy
– Preventive procedures
– Medical exercises of Chi Kung
– ZEN psychophysical exercises
– Body purification

Kristina Kasanova 

Hirudotherapy Practitioner, Trainer, Manager
Biofarm, cultivation of medicinal leeches

About me: After finishing business management high school in Prague, I and my husband moved to Slovakia, where my husband comes from. I’m originally from Ukraine and since childhood I have focused on the cultivation and harvesting of herbs and even flowers. I like nature.

Here in Slovania I help my husband in his activities as a member of the civic association contributing to the development of traditional school Wing Chun Kuen Phai.

I specialize in:

– leech therapy
– herbal therapy