Do you want to use medicinal leeches?

Do you want to know how to use medicinal leeches properly? Do you really want to get more unverified information collected from various sources on the Internet? And also, do you feel like paying more for expensive hirudotherapy training?

We have a right solution for you!

Take our online training without leaving your home using a computer program for Skype communication.

Sale: If you order more than 40 leeches at once, this course will be provided free of charge. Other discounts are not valid for this order.

After the training purchase, you will firstly be consulted by our therapist to find out if treatment with leeches is suitable for you. In case you agree, the training continues. In case you disagree, you have the right to cancel the training.

If you cancel your training, we will refund your money. The administrative fee of € 10 will be charged to cancel the training.

Price of € 69 includes:

– Assessment of your health condition and an appropriate medical procedure choice
– E-book on treatment with leeches at the cost of € 17.90
– Information on the order, delivery, and what to do after the order delivery
– How to take care of medicinal leeches before and after using them
– How to get ready for the procedure and everything needed for it
– Suitable places recommended for application
– Not suitable places recommended for application
– How the procedure is conducted, how long it lasts, and how to stop it
– Completion of the procedure: bandaging of a wound
– What to expect after the procedure
– How to care for small wounds within the next few days
– How often the procedure can be repeated
– In which cases it is necessary to seek professional help after the procedure

Training lasts 90 – 120 minutes where there isn’t enough space for your questions.

The knowledge you gain will stay with you for a lifetime.

It is always better to be well prepared.