E-book on hirudotherapy

The e-book contains information about medicinal leeches and hirudotherapy practice.

  • Do you want to know everything that can be treated with hirudotherapy?
  • Do you want to know how to take care of leeches?
  • Do you want to know what places are appropriate to apply leeches?
  • Do you want to know which places are better not be used for application?
  • Where do you have to be careful when treated with leeches?

You will find answers to the questions that interest you in our e-book as well as a lot of other useful information.

A sample e-book is available to download here: http://hirudoterapia.sk/files/2014/08/Liečenie-pijavicou-lekárskou-hirudoterapia.pdf

CONTENTS of the eBook – Hirudotherapy – treatment with medicinal leeches

1. Foreword
2. Introduction
3. Use of leeches in the traditional medicine school practice of Wing Chun Kuen Pai
4. Leeches (Types of leeches, biological traits of leeches, gender characteristics of leeches)
5. Therapeutic effect when using leeches
6. Breeding of leeches at home
7. Diseases of a medicinal leech
8. Preparation and implementation of hirudotherapy
9. Leeches selection
10. Determination of the application place and the number of leeches to apply
11. Preparing a patient for the procedure
12. Method of leeches application and their stimulation
13. Leeches tendance during the procedure
14. Complications after the procedure
15. Indications and contraindications
16. Treatment of diseases using hirudotherapy
17. Treatment of Metabolic Diseases
18. Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases
19. Treatment of gynecologic diseases
20. Chronic inflammatory disease of uterus and uterine adnexa
21. Adhesions
22. Treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system
23. Fractures and chronic osteomyelitis
24. Treatment of urological diseases
25. Venous varices
26. Thrombophlebitis
27. Hemorrhoids treatment