Training can be conducted beyond the determined dates in your city as well.
Please, contact us, if you are interested in training using our contact form or dial our telephone number. The contact formis located in the Contact Details section.

The hirudotherapy training at home allows almost anyone to master the method of treatment with medicinal leeches at home as a preventive measure and treatment. Courses and lectures are conducted by highly qualified hirudotherapy practitioners. When consulting you, an instructor will have a chance to consider all your options, and to adapt the curriculum so that you and any member of the training can pass it successfully.

Dates of study:

Training program:

1. Basic information on leeches and the history of hirudotherapy
2. The mechanism of action – positive and negative reactions after application
3. Indications for use
4. Contraindications
5. Methods of protection
6. Preparation for procedures
7. Rules for the application of leeches / preparation of the place for application / application / wound dressing
after application
8. Principles of selection of suitable places for application
9. Introduction to leeches; first physical contact
10. Getting ready for leeches application
11. Method of application – a complex type
12. Process after the procedure
13. Questions and Answers
14. Proposal of procedures for each individual case

After the training you will receive:

– The possibility to buy leeches during the training which you can take with you.
– The possibility to book a term of first application for you.
– During the training – the possibility to obtain physician assessment of your condition and to establish an appropriate procedure
– The possibility to apply a medicinal leech during the training under our therapist supervision, and thus, to gain direct experience.
– E-book – treatment with leeches at the cost of € 17,90.

In order to participate, you are required to fill in our registration form.
Prior to the training start, a registration fee € 20 (€ 10 for students) is charged intended to cover the trip and training facilities rental expenses.

If any questions arise, please, feel free to contact us. Our contact information is provided here: Contact Information Collection Form

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the training in case less than 5 participants are registered 5 days before the training starts. We will immediately inform each participant of a probable cancellation.

Registračný formulár

  • V prípade, že si počas školenia chcete kúpiť pijavice lekárske, informujte nás ešte pred začiatkom školenia o počte kusov o ktoré máte záujem.