Leeches are very sensitive to the conditions in which they live. Therefore, it is very important to provide for the maximum comfort of the medicinal leech during transportation, and to reduce the delivery time to only a compulsory time for transshipping.

The price of postage and packaging can be divided into two parts.

Mailing cost—according to the current Slovak mail pricelist—is 6 €. We use the services of a courier service, which guarantees us the next day delivery to all locations in Slovakia. At the same time, this service has the advantage that the courier can call you and agree the exact delivery time with you and bring it right to your home. This service will be satisfactory for you and your medicinal leeches.

The price of package is 4 to 6 € and it depends on the material used. For transportation of leeches we usually use a thermos, which maintains the temperature and is waterproof. The medicinal leech does not need oxygen and therefore a thermos is a perfect vessel for transportation. Thermos is further packed into film to prevent leakage and then placed in a bubble envelope of large size. The prepared load is delivered to mail service, where the parcel is registered and goes straight to you.

The whole process is quite expensive and takes a lot of time, but until today no leech has died during transportation.

Customers who purchase our leeches on a regular basis can send the thermoses back to us and get a cut on the total cost of shipment.

If you want to use leeches for self-treatment, it is important to receive a healthy and well maintained leech.