Usage of the medicinal leech

Proper use of the medicinal leech is dependent on many factors, some of which may be highlighted:

– the nature of the problem
– the desired result
– the size of leeches
– the patient’s age
– the current state of health of the patient
– the time of the year and the temperature outside

All these factors will be described on the following pages.
We encourage everyone who uses leeches for the first time to obtain the initial training from a qualified specialist in hirudotherapy, who can explain all the necessary information for a successful self-treatment by means of the medicinal leech. You require only one training course to obtain all the necessary knowledge for effective use of this method of treatment.

We can divide the usage of the medicinal leech into three categories:
1.) Treating the symptoms of acute conditions
2.) Treating the causes of health problems
3.) Preventive treatment and cleansing of the body

1.) Treating the symptoms of acute conditions

Most of the patients in Slovakia use leeches for the treatment of the visible signs of diseases. For such treatment patients buy one or more leeches and apply them directly to the affected area.

This method is effective in the way that the visible signs improve, or can even disappear completely. However, it is rarely possible to remove the very cause of the disease, and it can be described as a temporary improvement in health condition with a high risk of recurrence. But it also depends on the nature of the problem, cured by medicinal leeches.

In this method it is necessary to focus on the appropriate application of leeches to the right areas (avoiding the veins, arteries and lymph nodes), taking into account the size of leeches. The size of leeches determines the depth of their bite, and it considerably changes the method of usage in comparison with small leeches.

2.) Treating the causes of health problems

This method is used most often in such countries as Russia and Ukraine, where hirudotherapy retains its great popularity and respect, and where the outstanding medical scientists continue their current research.

In our country the price of the medicinal leech is higher, because this treatment method is used by only a few qualified specialists in hirudotherapy.
The essence of the holistic treatment includes the diagnostic process, when the cause of the disease is identified and it determines the procedure, which includes reapplication of leeches. Leeches are applied not only to the affected area, but also to the areas that strengthen the internal organs, which results in improved metabolism, and generally it improves the overall health of the patient. Such treatment involves 40 to 60 leeches, which are applied to different areas during 6 to 10 procedures. The frequency of reapplication is always individual.

In this type of treatment the effect of usage is much higher than in the first type of treatment, which deals with the symptoms. It requires a deeper knowledge of hirudotherapy and the correct understanding of the principles of this treatment.

If you are interested in this treatment, we recommend you to undergo training, which can be ordered here.

3.) Preventive treatment and cleansing of the body

The human body can be considered as a highly effective biochemical factory, which is getting older every year little by little.

The preventive methods of treatment by means of medicinal leech are quite similar to the above described methods of treatment of the causes of health problems. These methods are based on application of leeches to different areas taking into account the organs and energy system of the human body.

The results include the rejuvenation of the body, better metabolism, more efficient functioning, and general improvement of health and emotional state.

Preventive treatment is recommended once a year, preferably during cold seasons.

If you are interested in this treatment, we recommend you to undergo training, which can be ordered here.