When unpacking the shipment remove the protective film and unscrew the top lid. There is another lid under this lid, so the thermos remains closed.

The day before the delivery it is necessary to prepare a water container, and it should be left to settle water. Container size depends on the number of leeches and the period of time when you want to use leeches.
It is recommended to use a glass jar that can be closed. A glass jar is required for visual inspection of the condition of water and leeches.

For 10 to 15 leeches a classical bottle with a volume of 0.5 l is enough, filled to 40% of the total content.
When the amount is larger, it is recommended to use a 3 liter bottle filled to 40% of the content.

If you have prepared the container, remove the lid, drain the water, and dip the thermos into the prepared container. The leeches will crawl out in some time. If you want to help them, or when the leeches have sucked on a thermos and do not go off, use a plastic spoon with which they can be removed.

Be careful, because leeches can be very fast and may try to escape.
If you are afraid of leeches, it is best to use a screen or pour water over your hand. Otherwise we recommend using surgical gloves.

If you do not have a prepared container, or you are going to apply leeches soon, leave them in a thermos and put it to the refrigerator with lid closed.

Prepare the water and after settling for 12 hours (ideally, for 24 hours) move the leeches into the container.

If you are going to use them right away, move them into a container without water and get ready for use.

If you are not going to use all the leeches immediately, or want to keep them for a while, change the water every two days. New water should also be settled for some time and be at room temperature.

Used medical leeches should never be put in the same container with the unused leeches.